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Albanian Society of Nephrology has begun to act as a small formation in 1993, since the number of nephrologists in that period was small. As the number of nephrologists throughout Albania was increased, the Albanian Society of Nephrology was legally formalized in 2003. The association organizes annual meeting each year, with the participation of nephrologists throughout Albania. It organized in collaboration with the European Albanian Society of Nephrology two ERA-EDTA CME and joint activities with Associations of Nephrology of Macedonia and Kosovo. Many Albanian nephrologists are members of ERA-EDTA and the Balkan Albanian Society of Nephrology . Recent years, the participation of Albanian nephrologists in the ERA-EDTA Congress is increased, contributing with abstracts. The association organizes every year World Kidney Day. The association also encourages young nephrologists and physicians to participate in scientific events of National, Regional, European and World (CME, regional courses organized by ERA-EDTA etc.).


The objectives of the Association are:

To conduct annual educational research activities.

The organization of joint scientific activities with other countries of the region.

To establish and strengthen ties with foreign and international organizations operating in the field of nephrology.


The highest governing body is the Board of Directors of the Association consisting of:


Albanian Society of Nephrology



Tirana, at the Service of Nephrology
University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa"
Dibra Street, No. 372.

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